DON’T use aluminum foil to protect your oven floor.

1 – Many unsuspecting homeowners line the bottom of their ovens with a sheet of aluminum foil to help catch food spills and avoid sullying their oven floor. But the truth is that aluminum foil can reflect heat or block heat in both electric and gas ovens, leading to undercooked or overcooked food. Worse, it can melt onto the oven floor and permanently damage your oven.

2 – Avid home cooks put their ovens into overdrive not simply during the holidays but year-round. What doesn’t land on the dinner table often winds up in the oven chamber—on the oven walls, roof, floor, racks, or window glass—as food splatter or debris. If neglected, these remains dry and harden to a point beyond what can be wiped away with a soapy rag. Then, deep cleaning an oven becomes a necessary chore at least every three to six months to keep the food from burning, which could negatively impact the flavor of your food or, worse, catch fire during a future use. But before you take a rag and the nearest cleanser on hand to your dingy oven, study up on the right and wrong approaches to getting your oven spotless.

3 – Professional oven cleaners have the right tools
Hiring a professional oven cleaning service could be the best option for you unless you feel confident taking your oven door glass off to clean in between the glass. Another thing is finding a sink or trays big enough to fit the oven grills in because they need a good soak in hot soapy water. Professional will be able to dismantle the fan and clean it much more easily than you would have. Having your oven thoroughly cleaned regularly won’t break the bank either.

4 – It decreases fire and health hazard
Grease and dirt built up around hobs and the internal fan increases the risk of fire and the amount of bacteria. Not an ideal scenario for food cooking. Regular oven cleaning will prevent the build up of grease and dirt thus preventing the growth of bacteria and risk of fire.

5 – It improves food quality
Cooking food in dirty oven drastically decreases the quality of your food because the heat is not distributed evenly and there are old grease and cooking spilling evaporating into the same atmosphere as your cooking dinner. Food cooked in clean oven will taste delicious.