A recent callout to a flat that was privately rented, the tenant had absconded without carrying out a final clean that was agreed in the tenancy – they’d simply left and the flat was in a poor old state – the kitchen was disgusting with the oven completely caked as was the hob and the extractor hood.

The landlord was of the opinion that the appliances would need to be replaced, to which I reassured her that the appliances would clean up and this would save having to skip the original oven and hob thus saving on further skip costs and the cost of replacing the oven, hob and extractor.

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Two hours later and with plenty of elbow grease the appliances were as good as new and the landlord was amazed – this saved her over £300 with the cost of new and the cost of removing and disposal so it just goes to show that most ovens can be cleaned no matter how dirty and badly marked they are – so if you have a problem with your oven being severely dirty due to failed tenancy agreements then get in touch and here at OVEN CLEANERS IN LEEDS I’m sure we can bring your old oven back from the dead.

The impact on the environment is always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to disposing of kitchen equipment rather than cleaning so whenever there’s a chance to clean an item rather than throw it away we are always happy to oblige after all a few hours work and your kitchen appliances could be back to their former glory all it takes is a knowledgeable oven cleaning expert like oven cleaners in Leeds and your waste impact is minimised.

If you want further advice on cleaning your own oven you can head on over to which or should you want any further advice from us get in touch on our homepage

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Always get an insured oven cleaner in Leeds to carry out your oven cleaning to avoid any mishaps and costly further repairs